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“The Essential Workout Bundle”


The Essential Workout bundle Includes:
1.”The Everyday Matt”
Made from sustainable materials, anti-microbal, anti-slip, anti-sweat, easy to clean and super grip for the perfect practice or workout!

2.”The Workout Band”- Light/Medium resistance
The perfect way to get those glutes activated for a full body, lower body, leg day, or glute session. Perfect for kick backs, lateral abductors, and abductors.

3.”The Workout Band”- Heavy/X-Heavy  resistance
The perfect way to get those glutes activated  as well as extra resistance during your workouts. Lower body focused, this strong band will leave you burning and with a great pump!  Perfect for squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts and  any other activity you want some extra resistance on!

We think it makes senses and we know you will too.


The Essential Workout bundle is perfect for home workouts, gym-workouts, stretching sessions and everything else in between.


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