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“SNATCHED” was founded by fitness and fashion industry experts with two things in mind, style and quality. With health being at the core of every human life, we understand the importance of creating and maintaining an abundant lifestyle focusing on your body and mind. “SNATCHED” should remind you to look after yourself, mentally and physically through movement. We are a way of life, a culture, allowing for all creeds and colours to unite in the name of fitness.

Quality and design is our thing. Our approach is simple, our products aim to be as sustainable and eco friendly as possible, we care about the world. With all our packaging being fully recyclable, we aim to be fully recyclable in the near future. We run on small batches, to make sure product and materials are not wasted. You demand, we deliver.

fitness equipment



“Snatched” aims to provide the world with the best fitness equipment on the planet, with the planet in mind. From workout mats, to a full range of resistance bands, we aim to make products that last and perform. “The Everyday Mat” is made from natural tree rubber and PU making it fully recyclable.

We believe fitness equipment should still look cool, and we’ve got you covered. “The Everyday Mat” uses laser-cut technology, with our logo representing us as a brand, sleek, simple yet premium.